Development Process

  * remember you will always take latest from Screendrive
     *       git remote add tek


 * to pull latest, 
          git checkout master   
          git pull scdcore master
  1. Open Jira Ticket

  2. Review Jira Ticket

  3. Start work in Jira

  4. Create a local branch based off the latest master. (branch name should be ticket number)

       *  git checkout -b MED1
  5. Develop your changes

  6. Create PR

       * add your changes, 
                     git add <filename>
       * commit your changes 
                     git commit -m "<TikectName> <a comment>"
       * push to your local branch 
                     git push origin <branchname>
       * create pr from github
  7. Put Comment in Jira Tiket to review ticket
  8. Change the Jira Ticket Status to ready for QA
  9. ReAssign  jira ticket to QA Team

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