How do i manage player

How do I manage players…?
Screendrive implements two novel features to manage players. These two features can facilitate implementation of you desired network/organizational order,
  1. Group.
  2. Associate.
1.   Group
  • Group is a collection of players.
        A group is created
    • When you want to share one or more ‘Playlists’ to many players.
    • Or when you want to set same schedules for more than one players.
  • That is, all players within a group share same playlist or same schedule.
  • To add a player you must create at least one Group.
Example 1:
Following is the list all players in the Head office (Group) of a particular company

NOTE: - all these players will display same contents/playlists
2.   Associates
    ‘Associate’ facilitate you to create the desired organizational hierarchy. Associate can be anything like a particular     department of your organization, or a brand of your company or a location of your company etc.. Unlike Group,     department has some special privileges.
  • Associate is the top level division.
  • Contents you add to the system comes directly under selected Associate
    ( i.e. You can add contents only under an Associate)
  • Each associate will have its own contents.
  • An Associate will inherit all its parent Associates contents.
  • Security measures can be imposed on accessing Associate.
  • Groups comes under Associate.
  • An Associate can have many sub Associates
  • The Associate you first create is the Root/top-level Associate.
        Following is an illustration how Associate works.
        Example 2:
Note: - In order to add a Player there must be at least one Associate and one Group.

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