How do i Add a new player

Screendrive CMS player management has the following options.
  1. Create a Player
  2. Update Player
  3. Delete Player
  4. Move Player
1. Create a Player
    Step 1- Select the Associate under which you want to add the Player
                 (If no Associate is created yet, Click “how do I to create an Associate”)
    Click ’+’ button to expand selected Associate.
    Step 2- Select the group under which you wish to include your new Player
               (If no Group is created yet, Click “how do I to create a Group”)
        (Here the group ‘Home Screen’ under the Associate KSA is selected.)
        Click ‘+’ to expand the Group and list the players (if any) under the group.
        Step 3-
        Click Create + button in the tab Associate and Groups.
        Step 4-
        Click ‘Player’ option from the droup menu
        Step 5- Fill the credentials of your player in the property list and click “Create”
        A Success confirmation message will be displayed on bottom left corner of CMS
        The new player is added now, and listed under ‘Associate and Group’ Tab

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