How to create Screendrive user

1.    Creating a Screendrive User
  • Login in Your Screendrive CMS
  • Click on your Email address from Top right of the CMS
  • Click on MY ACCOUNT (this will redirect your Account management page in new tab)
  • Scroll down to bottom of your page to Recently Added User
  • Click on Manage User (This page will direct you to manage registerd users)
  • Click on Add User
  • Enter News users Information. and Save & Next (Please note the User type (its based on your user role)
Note: If you creating a new user for Datasync, the user role must be selected as a ExcelUploader
  •  Click Save , it will redirect to user list page
  • Click on the registered user email address
  • active user by clicking active toggle button from top right, then Save.

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